You’re your own First Responder!

You’re your own First Responder! everywhere! at home, at work, in every public area, traveling around the world or walking in the street in your neighbourhood!

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This does not take away from our emergency responders who give their lives each and every day to help us. But it does bring a focus to the fact that if you are in an emergency situation:
👉 YOU are the one there who can assess a situation and make decisions!
👉 YOU are the one who can do something!
👉 YOU are your own first responder!
When seconds count, cops are just minutes away. This is not a critique against cops. But they are not your personal bodyguard service! Don’t live your life waiting for the police, fire department or EMS to show up. Be prepared to deal with it until they show up. They do an amazing job. But so can you!

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