Getting prepared to protect our loved ones is about building mindset and skills for life!

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More than ever, this difficult time should teach us the most valuable lesson:
Being self-sufficient and be prepared to go through a serious social crisis!

We are often talking about this kind of topic during some advanced class training:

Yes we are lucky! we are living in an “modern country” But who would have thought a little over a month ago, that most of us would lose their job and should stay home?

Because Canada is a modern country, it makes some people smiling when we’re talking about what it takes to be prepared to face a difficult time, such as social conflict, natural disaster, economic crisis ranging from a severe, prolonged depression with high bankruptcy rates, pandemic or the social chaos resulting from the collapse of the government…

Anyway, it is during those difficult times that violence is increasing in both the public and private spheres. It is not a secret for any security agency that violence is currently increasing in Canada. While they are facing a lack of staff, security agencies are facing a higher and different level of violence, armed or unarmed, and/or involving several people.

Getting prepared to protect our loved ones, is about building mindset and skills for life!

If Self-defence is an important skill to get in our daily life, more advanced training such as hand to hand combat, some tactical trainings and advanced first aid are definitely good skills to acquire too.

  • Lesson from the military: the level of preparation is the key to success for all fighting team moving in a war zone!

During a hard social time, some of you would probably be lulled by the government speech and the “system” in charge to the control of the situation waiting day by day for the next directives….

But the truth during this time is that we are all individually responsible for our own preparation facing the following problems:

  • How am I going to feed my family?
  • How am I going to get money if I don’t work anymore?
  • How am I going to get prepared for a harder time?
  • What is my plan “B” if the level of threat remain the same for the next 4 months?
  • How am I going to act and protect my loved ones if the social context become more violent?
  • etc.

Always keep in mind that common problems encountered in the past years could be during a social conflict classified as high risk because of a state of emergency. Power cuts, internet connection cuts or water becoming non-potable for a few days are a few good examples.
People will quickly go to grocery stores to get every available water bottle… we all have seen the good mood of people rushing to get some toilet paper in March 2020, so imagine about water….
just saying: imagine in June 2020 a daily line up of 200 people 2 meters physical distancing from each other, waiting to buy some water bottles at the grocery store…!

At all time you should be ready to act as your own first responder and make sure to have an emergency plan for the all family. Plan “A” and plan “B” of course!

Evacuation back-pack ready, gear, some extra food freeze-dried, first aid kit are a minimum. At least one family member should have a basic first aid skills… If you get some training to defend yourself during an attack, you should also get some training to save your life in case of injuries…
Good luck if you are waiting for emergency services to help you when you need during a social chaos…. you are just their 159th call since the last hour! …when the phone still working..

Get ready to be financially independent:

In your daily life, do not count on a government, whatever it is… the more you rely on government assistance, the more you get caught in an endless cycle and your daily life depends from that… during a social conflict it could become a big problem…

About people:

” Love all, trust only a few “… build a team and never give your back! When in dire situation they will turn on you in a heartbeat!
Never forget, if some people are acting like hero during a difficult time, some others are acting like “little boss” …  give them some power and you’ll see the birth of ” little dictators “.
Never forget that during a normal time, people are fighting over the best bargains on black Friday! They are fighting over a discounted fucking TV at Walmart!!! Imagine when it is time to survive during a hard time… they could probably fight for toilet paper… food, water, gas?

Always be ready:

If you build a strong mindset and some survival skills during a “normal life”, it would be “easier” facing sudden changes like the one we are experiencing!

Learning to be self-sufficient and getting prepared for the worst times in our life, does not means we are paranoiac and negative people. The funny part is that we all think at one point in our life, about estate planning and insurance life to help our loved ones in case of death. But we have no plan to help them and protect them in case of serious social conflict!

Just looking back, not too far, at the history of some “European countries”, what they experienced during the period 1990 – 2018 should teach us a lot!

Better safe than sorry!👊 Stay safe!

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