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Since the government does not allow the gyms to reopen, all our programs can be taught at your place, in a house or a church basement, in a garage, in a warehouse or in a community centre.

Your mental health and safety prevail on our tyrannical politican's weekly whims and the opinion of the non elected so called "chief medical officers"

About the program:

Mother and daughter (14+) are welcome!

Select the date and number of people while buying your spot.

  • September 19th: 1pm-5pm Out of sold
  • October 17th: 1pm-5pm Out of sold
  • November 14th: 1pm-5pm Out of sold
  • December 12th: 1pm-5pm Out of sold
  • This program can be taught within the city of Calgary, Cochrane and Canmore.
  • Email us at for more information.

« Self-defence techniques are easy to learn » or «simple self-defence moves everyone can do » are just marketing slogans and nothing more.

Self defence is not just about learning techniques!! Many factors are involved in the process.

In Canada, in more than three quarters of all attacks on women, the attacker is known to her. The most common place for an attack to happen is at home - yours, his, or someone else's - the next most common place is in a car.

Self defence is not just about learning techniques - the freezing process, size, strength, power, timeline of an aggression, body language, walking alone or with a child - are all important realities in the self-defence context.

This 4 hour training session will broaden your horizons around what happens during an attack and it will include the following

  • 1pm to 4pm:
    - Trust your natural instincts v. social rules
    - Break the social rules: self-defence techniques
    - Why you should consider self-defence as a survival situation
    - Understanding of the freezing process
    - Self-defence techniques for close contact situations
  • 4pm to 5pm:
    - Stress drills that let you master your fears
    - Work on emotional perseverance (fight to the goal)
    - Find the required level of aggression required in a violent encounter
    - Manage the critical moment when the attack is detected and your brain and body instantly and automatically enter a completely different state;

Please be advised that the session will imply a commitment to participating physically and it will include drills under pressure.

What it takes to participate:

  • Minimum age required: 14 +
  • A mind that wants to learn
  • No criminal record
  • No martial arts experience necessary
  • Wear comfortable athletic clothing, clean running shoes, and bring a water bottle, a towel and a snack
  • Limited spots: 14 people; we will not be able to accommodate last-minute registrations; only listed names will be accepted.
  • Book your spot online and make your payment using any major credit card.
  • Please make sure to show up at least 20 minutes before class starts.

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Please call Krav Maga Calgary: 403 493-4886 or email us at

Select date & number of people while buying:

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