The government reopened gyms. Yay! Does it have to do with the fact that the protests for the last three weeks revolved around how much we need to be able to be active to be healthy and improve our mental health? …. maybe.

But what a joke! #kenney one of the fat politicians that probably haven’t exercised since they were in middle school, brag about the fact that they kindly listened to the freedom beggars that we are and very generously loosed the restrictions around exercise, like they were doing us a favour.

Have you seen what the new freedoms entail? Are we to even call them freedoms?

  • No group high intensity sessions allowed, unless you are from the same household and the trainer wears a mask and stays 3m away from you.
  • Gym owners are to use their best judgement to see in which category their services fall. The only thing is that their best judgement might not reflect the best judgement of the officer who will come to check if gestapo AHS’ protocols are followed. And you might end up with a fine anyway. Those rules are meant to confuse the f**k out of us.

Read more about it here: stronger public health measures


#Nenshi says that gyms, and therefore exercise, is not going to improve the mental health of anyone. Honestly though… what does he know? Looking at him, he doesn’t exactly radiate health. As you might have seen on the cover of a recent edition of Cosmopolitan, being unhealthy is healthy! That might be where they take their science facts, as the rest of us, sound of mind, know that it isn’t the case.

One needs to be able to exercise, to be healthy, without the input of people who avoid gyms and exercising like those things are the new lepers of society.

One needs to be able to think rationally and educate oneself. By now, if you haven’t realized what is going on, your ignorance is a choice. Bury your head in the sand and hope for the return of normal days. The covid killed a lot of things, like common sense, the flu, the cold… How many cases of flu have we had in Alberta since covid started? They must think we’re all mindless sheeple, not able to think for ourselves, that we swallow their idea of a scamdemic without asking questions, listening their corrupt medias.

The scamdemic is a tool that they’re using to achieve their global agenda, as the Prime Minister #Trudeau, kindly acknowledged at the end of last year.

All of them will need to be held accountable for the damages they’re doing to the mental health of the population, of our children. All of them already have blood on their hands.

Stop listening to these corrupt politicians and their partner in crime non elected, so called “chief medical officers”. Stop complying with their rules. Stop asking for permission.

Covid satistics Alberta:

As for us, we are happy to survive another dangerous week of deadly global pandemic with a 99.96% recovery rate!! 😱

Then, since the government does not allow the gyms to reopen, all our programs can be taught at your place, in a house or a church basement, in a garage, in a warehouse or in a community centre.
Your mental health and safety prevail on our tyrannical politican’s weekly whims and the opinion of the non elected so called “chief medical officers”

You do you, stand up for your rights and your children! Stop the spread of communism.
Be a bad*ass and get ready. When the winds will turn, remember the names of all who were responsible.

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