Self-defence classes for 5-6-year-olds… Really??

Regularly, parents ask us about self-defence classes for their 5-6-year- old kids. A 5-6-year-old does not need self-defence classes. Parents need it. Parents are their children first responders!

A 5-year-old needs outdoor sport activities, to play with his friends and to build his immune system.
5-6 years old is too young to have to be concerned about matters of self-defence. A 5-year-old can benefit greatly from any sport, in many ways, such as discipline, humility, physical and mental fitness, team work, coordination, respect for other human beings, and a stronger sense of confidence. Martial arts can be one of these sports, but please, stop calling it self-defence!

Are you looking for an activity for your 5-year-old? One of the healthiest activities and a skill for life is swimming. Teach them how to swim. Then, sometimes when they’re between 7 and 8 years old, register them for real self-defence classes.

Meanwhile, as parents, you should teach them the basics of personal safety such as:

  • Staying close to you when you are running errands in a shopping center.
  • Building their own personal boundaries.
  • Safety around strangers.

A reminder for parents:

We believe that, as parents, you should at least have:

  • A family emergency plan at home.
  • A basic first aid certification.
  • An emergency kit in your car, including amongst other things: a fire extinguisher, a blanket, a first aid kit.

Who are your children’s first responders?

  • NOT the government,
  • NOT the Canadian Ministry of Education,

YOU, the parents, are the first responders!

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