Your family emergency plan must be strongly adapted to the reality and the ever changing face of threats.

As an Albertan, if there is something that the last few years have taught us, is that nothing can be taken for granted in life. From natural disasters to the slow death of our main industries, as well as political agendas, the last 7 years put a hard test to our daily lives.

2013: Catastrophic flooding described by the provincial government as the worst in Alberta’s history.

2016: Fort McMurray, the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta’s history, with upwards of 88,000 people forced from their homes.

2020 and still currently: a planned worldwide political event which has increased catastrophically in Canada unemployment, mental health issues, suicide rates even among the youngest, isolation of the elderly, abuse of children in schools, daily bylaw and AHS enforcement harassment, forced closure of churches, small business bankruptcy rates, and destroyed thousands of families and friendships.

This is just to name a few direct, and indirect, consequences fuelled by this political tyranny. All of these can’t help but to shed a light on our corrupt provincial and federal governments like never before, involving most of our politicians, the main stream media and the non elected so-called “chief medical officers”.

If you are awake enough to understand what is going on right now, it should make you understand that having a basic family emergency plan is no longer enough!

Your family plan must be strongly adapted to the reality and the ever changing face of threats. It is better to consider a more advanced main family emergency plan that can be split into several parts, with each part able to interact with the others according to the level of answer your family needs to provide. Note that it is definitely a good idea to involve skilled and trusted close friends in this plan!

What does having an emergency plan mean?

It means to be materially and financially self-sufficient for a period of time, to be able to support your loved ones and to keep them safe, away from danger.

But what is the duration of your emergency plan? 72 hours? 3 months? 6 months? And what level of threat are you facing and where does it comes from?

  • A home fire?
  • A natural disaster?
  • A chemical emergency?
  • Street riots?
  • A terrorist attack in a crowded and public space?
  • An economic collapse due to the establishment of a communist government supported by law enforcement?
  • A civil war?
  • A real pandemic?

All these situations require an emergency plan. But can they be managed the same way?

We could find some commonalities in between each events. To give an example, in 2020, the Covid-19 panic buying left many celiac patients without gluten-free food. ” From Australia to the United States, Europe, and UK, reports were coming in about panic buying and its effects on people with celiac disease or food allergies”.

The panic buying is an important signal that should not be overlooked!! In Alberta, how many of you complained that starting in March 2020, supermarket shelves were empty of their products. Toilet paper, meat, essential products? How many pictures have we seen on social media about that?

Here is a non-exhaustive list of things you should consider, in order to build your advanced family emergency plan:

  • The emergency context you might face for the next 3-5 years.
  • The age and the number of people you will need to support.
  • The addition of a team of friends.
  • To have safety skills such as learning to use a fire extinguisher or to know how to shut off utilities.
  • To take a First Aid course. Not the basic one, at least the Wildness First Aid 40-hours.
  • Several advanced first aid kits, according to the number of certified people in the team.
  • Pharma supplies and medication.
  • Evacuation plans “A” & “B” including: “during an evacuation and after”.
  • Family and friends contact plan.
  • The gear you’re using, depending on your skills and hobbies, such as hunting, shooting at the range, or any advanced backcountry activities that requires preparedness.
  • The additional gear you may need, ammunition if you are a gun owner, a ballistic vest, a mask chemical, (the real mask, not the useless blue ones..).
  • Potable water access.
  • Food stocks respecting the needs of your family, especially for people with any kinds of allergies.
  • The inability to use a satellite connection, to use your phone or radio, to supply your truck with gasoline or to have access to professional help such as EMS.
  • Where to stock your all stuff? Are you living in a condo or in a house with a garage and a basement?

Thinking about it is not being paranoiac. So many examples, in the history of lots of countries, have proved that a unstable country facing a worldwide political event can collapse in less than 1 year.
Do you think it is too much and can’t happen in North America, especially in Canada? Think about it twice. It seems that Canada has become a Dictatorship. The question is, what type of dictatorship? Communist? or Fascist?

Make sure your family has a plan. Then review it and practice it often!

Christian Barrier
Krav Maga Instructor.

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