One only has to watch the news to notice an increase in violence. Worldwide, violence fuelled by political agendas is also on the rise. Home invasions, violent muggings, mass shootings, violent riots, domestic terrorism, domestic violence, road rage incidents are, amongst other things, situations we have to be constantly aware of. We can no longer pretend we live in a peaceful world where nothing bad can ever happen to us, and it is up to every single civilian to take up the responsibility to protect their loved ones.

Our mission at Krav Maga Calgary is to educate people about the constant and hidden threats they may face, and to give civilians the tools and skills needed to be able to defend themselves and their family, should situations like these arise. You no longer need to feel helpless. We help you become an asset to your tribe and a better protector of your family.

We adapt our training to the reality and the ever changing face of violence. We want to equip you and train you to the best of our abilities, so you can take your safety into your own hands.

One cannot fight a wolf and remain a sheep.

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