Boot Camp!

October 1st to 30th


Please take your time to read below in order to make sure this boot camp is for you.

Number of instructors: 2
Address: Krav Maga Calgary #201 1440 17th Ave SW T2T 0C8
Parking lot is free: enjoy!
Number of people: 12 maximum
Open to Men and Women 28 years old and up.
Not open to martial arts teachers.
You can choose to participate in either Level 1 or Level 1 & 2

Level 1:
October 1-2nd & 5-9th & 13-16th
From 9:00 to noon. Total 33-hours

Training Topics:
* Boxing: technical Boxing.
* Fitness: combat fitness.
* Krav Maga: 100% close combat techniques (that prepare you to level 2). Including Take-down techniques and combat on the ground. Basics of fighting against one or multiple attackers.
* Drills under stress.

Level 2
October 19-23rd & 26-30th
From 9:00 to noon Total 30-hours
You need your level 1 completed in order to participate to level 2.
(Hand to hand combat techniques from level 1 are your fundamentals for level 2).

Training Topics:
* Personal safety.
* EDC: what to consider.
* Krav Maga: Defending armed attacks and threats from knives, sticks, bottles, firearms..
* Team work in a fight context.
* Drills under stress.

Registration requirement for both level:
* 28 years old and up.
* No experience required. (Boxing or MMA skills are a good asset).
* No criminal record.
* No health issues such as anxiety, asthma, heart issues...
* To arrive October 1st at least 20 minutes or so before class starts in order to fill out a registration form with health informations, and other personal informations.

Mandatory Equipments:
* You can buy it at class or provide it by yourself:
- * Mouth guard: (L:1&2)
- * Groin protection. (L:1&2)
- * Gloves finger free. (L:1&2)
- * Safety goggles (fights with weapons make it mandatory for Level 2 ).
- Clean indoor shoes.
- Towel and * T-shirts.
- Confortable daily clothes.
- Snacks and water bottle.

Do not sign up if:
- You expect something easy.
- You are use to arrive late.
- You can't participate to all classes for the level you chose.
- You are not 100% committed to class.
- You do not accept to get out of your comfort zone.
- You don't want to get a few bruise.
- You get hurt or frustrated easily.

We reserve the right to refuse admittance to class if a student is at risk of injuring himself or others.

We don't train with mask. however more about the "covid" can be found here:

Term – Conditions & Refund policy can be found here:

Cost including GST:

Only Level 1: $657

Level 1 & 2: $983

Select your choice by booking!

Any questions before booking your spot? Please email us at:

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