Fitness & Boxing Instructor

Deyra Correa was born in Monterrey, Mexico. Monterrey is a drug trafficking city due to being so close to the border. Deyra had to learn to deal with stressful experiences such as street confrontation or being in the middle of gun fire!

2009: She began her boxing career when she was beaten up in the streets by a gang. She then decided not to let people walk over her without giving them the hardest fight of their life.

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She learned how to defend herself with boxing, but soon enough fell in love with the sport!

2011: She decided to step in the ring for her first fight in Monterrey, Mexico. She lost and realized that to win and be the best at it she would have to train as a pro to become a pro. Soon enough her work began to pay off.

2012: She moved to Calgary Canada with zero English skills and scared out of her pants! She fell into depression until she found a boxing gym to keep her afloat.

2014 and 2015: Deyra went back to fighting and succeeded winning Golden gloves twice as well as the provincials and began to represent Alberta in the category of 112 lbs. Meanwhile she would train 2-3 times a day with programs specific to her goals.

2014: Deyra certified as a Personal trainer. She worked at a regular boxing gym while teaching boxing lessons.

2015: Deyra became pregnant, she had to learn to adapt her training with her pregnancy yet kept active by lifting some weights and light cardiovascular activities. In 2016 she had her baby girl.

2018: She took different courses in nutrition, CPR, and body composition and worked for different gyms in Calgary while training with her personal coaches so to keep learning from others.

2020: She became a boxing and fitness instructor at Krav Maga Calgary.

Being a mother, Deyra always felt paranoid for the safety of her daughter! She decided to learn how to deal with harder situations by learning Krav Maga. She came to Krav Maga Calgary, where she met the instructor, Christian Barrier. She began Krav Maga while teaching boxing and fitness classes.

Deyra is leading by example:

  • believing that for her kids to be healthy, she would have to stay healthy herself and give the best example!
  • wanting to inspire others and help them to become the best version of themselves!
  • helping people to build a strong mind in a healthy body to face life challenges!


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