“Get prepared” is an advanced program with two levels.
This program is only for Sheepdogs.
Be an asset to your “tribe” and a better protector of your family!

8th & 9th sold out
22nd & 23rd (level 1)
sold out
19th & 20th. (level 1)

July: 24th & 25th (level 1) sold out

– Saturday: 8:30am to 5:30pm
– Sunday: 9am to 5:30pm
A total of 17 hours.
Minimum 4 people, maximum 10 people.
Certificate of accomplishment.

Level 1 program:

Part 1: Introduction
Quick review of the Self-defence Fundamentals for civilians.

Part 2: Fighting Back

  • Self-defence techniques focusing on sparring, grabs, chokes and defence from the ground.
  • Basic VIP protection techniques applied to our loved ones.
  • Basic Teamwork in a street fight context.
  • Introduction to weapons.
  • EDC: advanced Every day carry.

What it takes to participate:

  • Open to women and men.
  • 100% commitment during the bootcamp.
  • Knowledge of weapons are an asset, but are not essential, you’re going to learn the basics during ” Get prepared” Level 2.
  • Must not have a criminal record, no matter the reason.

Food / Water:
Our lunch breaks will be short, so bring something that you can carry with you that does not require any preparation. Bring any other snacks you want and a water bottle.

Recommended Gear:

  • Clean indoor shoes.
  • Wear t-shirts or long-sleeves; no sleeveless tops and make sure to wear pants that will stay up and everything remains covered.
  • Towel and several t-shirts.
  • Notebook & Pen
  • Groin protection.
  • Mouthguard.
  • Fingers free gloves (no boxing gloves).
  • Headgear protection.

About Level 2:
* You must have attended Level 1 to be eligible for Level 2.
* Take your combat and preparation skills to the next level.
* Price, registration and Level 2 program will be provided during Level 1.
* Mandatory gear: safety goggles for hand to hand combat drills with weapons, headgear, groin protection, mouthguard.

Any questions before booking your spot? email us at:

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