Ladies workshop!


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Ladies workshop

About the program:

We are used to calling a cat a cat!! Everyone can do a kata or punch a bag! But if there ever comes a time when you have to physically defend yourself, you can bet that the context of circumstance isn’t going to be a funny one!!

Self-defence is not funny and is not easy! Self-defence is not just about learning techniques!! Many factors are involved in the process.


  • 2020 August 8th-14th Sold out.
  • 2020 November 23rd-28th. Sold out.
  • Schedule on demand, check it out.
  • This 18 hours program can be taught 4 hours per week, or we can run it as a boot camp. It can be taught within the city of Calgary, Cochrane, Canmore and Red Deer.

What to expect?

  • EDC (Every day carry)
  • Krav Maga Self-defence techniques in a confined area,
  • Krav Maga techniques to fight on the ground,
  • No "friendly or funny techniques" which work only in a dojo,
  • No "bs", only the reality-based techniques designed for the primary goal of survival an assault,
  • Fitness workout to improve your shape,
  • To find the required level of aggression required in a violent encounter,
  • To manage the critical moment when the attack is detected and your brain and body instantly and automatically enter a completely different state,
  • To work on emotional perseverance: fight to the goal,
  • Stress drills under pressure to overcome your fears and the freezing process;
  • Straight language in a context of assault and self-defence;
  • No rules, no limits.

The program will include the following topics:

  • Trust your natural instincts v. social rules;
  • Why you should consider self-defence as a survival situation;
  • Understanding the freezing process;

This workshop will imply a commitment to participating 100% physically.

What does it takes to participate?

  • Minimum age required: 18+
  • No criminal record;
  • No martial arts experience necessary;
  • No need to be 100% in shape but this training includes lots of physical workouts and will help you to improve your shape;
  • No mask required, no social distancing. If you don't feel comfortable, we understand. Stay home.

What do you need?

  • Water bottle and snacks.
  • Wear comfortable and clean athletic clothing and clean running shoes. Towel and additional T-shirts.
  • Fill up a registration form with health information the first day you start.
  • Book your spot online.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You have health issues such as high blood pressure, dizziness or pain in the chest at rest.
  • You are not 100% committed to learn.
  • You want to learn "funny and friendly" self-defence moves.
  • You get frustrated easily.

This program IS for you if:

  • You take your safety seriously.
  • You don't feel safe in some daily life situations.
  • You decided to learn to fight back efficiently.
  • You are 100% committed to learn.
  • You accept to get out of your comfort zone.
  • You want to overcome your fears.

Minimum 4 Ladies, maximum 10 Ladies; we will not be able to accommodate last-minute registrations; only listed names will be accepted.

Book your spot now! Select the number of ladies attending while buying:

Buy now:

Any questions before booking your spot? Please call Krav Maga Calgary: 403 493-4886 or email us:

Terms – Conditions & Refund policy can be found here: Refund policy

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