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About this program:

  • Our self-defence Teens program is taught with realistic scenario-based trainings and situational judgement tests adapted to the age group.
  • Our Krav Maga (Hebrew: קרב מגע, meaning”contact combat”) is not a "family martial art activity" where everyone practice the same kata or technique from 5 years old to 99 years old. It is really not a traditional or sport-based martial art, there are no competitions, no rules, and no limits. It is a reality-based self-defence system designed with the primary goal of survival of any kind of assault regardless of age, the context, or the timeline of the aggression.
  • The program includes solutions to conflicts or violent situations that are most typical for each age group. They learn how to avoid or prevent these events, but in cases where the aggressor engages in physical contact, they learn how to protect themselves and fight back. They also learn important skills such as break-falling, fighting on the ground and reporting an incident.

Throughout the year, your teenager will learn:

  • The basics of personal safety,
  • Building their own personal boundaries,
  • How to identify potential risks,
  • How to avoid a dangerous situation,
  • How to act when the risk is identified,
  • Getting confident in decision making,
  • Learning verbal and body language skills that can prevent an attack,
  • Self-defence Krav Maga techniques and boxing skills,
  • How to protect themselves from slaps, punches, kicks, shirt grabbing, neck grabbing, choking, attempts to throw on the ground and how to deal with the situation if thrown on the ground, and how to fight on the ground.
  • Teamwork behaviours facing multiple attackers,
  • How to act when a friend gets physically or verbally abused,
  • Safety around strangers and dangerous adults,
  • Safety on social media,
  • Getting lost (safety checklist, names, address, phone number; how to act),
  • Abduction awareness, detection, and avoidance,
  • Dealing with situations in which they are assaulted by adults (criminal assault or sexual abuse),
  • How to physically break away and escape the grasp of an abductor,
  • How to ask for help,
  • How to report an incident and why it must be reported.

Respect, discipline, focus, teamwork, self-confidence, values and common sense are life skills carefully woven into our program.

Please check out the schedule here: SCHEDULE

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